10 Jul

Well, unlike some politicians, I have no bags of rice and corn to give. But I promise you a very high res. pix of two bags of rice and corn when you vote and help spread the word about Team Red.
Thing is, there’s a music competition at Noah’s Ark, the advertising agency where I hustle for a living. We were asked to write and record a song.
My group members and I recorded a song titled “Ashes”. We are counting on your votes to win.
Please, could you support a hustling copywriter like moi, and Like Team Red’s song by clicking this link?


Remember, don’t guard your votes until the winner is announced. Like and share with your friends and enemies until they #VoteTeamRed.

Imagine all the things you can do with those high res. pix of bags of rice and corn!
Thanks! 😉

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20140710-040547 am-14747626.jpg

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